with MultiDeco-TDC

With decades of expertise in both decompression algorithms and dive computer development, Technical Dive Computers presents it latest design and revised TDC-3 model.
The TDC-3 dive computer combines the best characteristics of several existing technical dive computers into a single stand alone solution.
Available as standalone OC/Setpoint model, or with Fischer cable for CCR pO2 integration.

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The TDC-3 is designed and manufactured to serve the most demanding divers. Whether the plan is for a shallow warm water reef, running line in a new passage of cave, or documenting a deep wreck, the TDC-3 provides the information divers need and the peace of mind they want.With the options of Buhlmann with Gradient Factors or VPM-B and B/E, the diver has the freedom to select the decompression model and conservatism that is right for them. The intuitive user-interface and highly-readable information on the screen is well organized to ensure the diver has all the tools they need to make decisions about their dive efficiently.